Real-Time Management Of Your Business

Solver:  A Dynamic Real-Time Optimization Engine

Solver is an operationally focused optimization engine that creates actionable plans and schedules for the optimal use of resources (both physical assets and people). Solver takes current demand, resources, costs, constraints, and rules into full account to make informed and integrated decisions in real-time, all the time. Solver integrates into existing systems, and is also available as OaaS™ (Optimization as a Service).

The distinctive BoldIQ approach to this age-old problem

Fundamental to any optimized scheduling solution is that it considers the widest range of resources and constraints. Of course this includes all operational resources – people and physical assets, be they internal or external. As well, an ideal solution needs to recognize constraints that represent current and future resource states and transitions between them. Importantly too, the solution needs to recognize the constraints around resource availability and properties, business rules, and regulations.

The result: uniquely sophisticated and powerful algorithms

The distinctive approach offered by BoldIQ’s Solver incorporates these novel concepts. Based on a separation between the generation of feasible solutions and optimization, a much richer set of constraints can be implemented. Solver simultaneously satisfies constraints for all resources and objects, and optimization is decoupled from the details of feasibility constraints. In this way, Solver allows the creation of very sophisticated and powerful optimization algorithms. Significantly, the BoldIQ approach delivers optimized schedules at very high speeds and in rapid succession. And, unlike other enterprise-grade scheduling solutions, BoldIQ’s high-performance feasibility engine supports many real-world constraints.

With BoldIQ’s Solver, you will:

Reduce Operating Costs

Intelligently and rapidly optimize scheduling

Increase Revenues

Increase resource utilization by up to 20%

Enhance Customer Experience

Exceed customer expectations with reliable, responsive service

Scale Seamlessly

Continue to grow your business by increasing the efficiency of your workforce

Improve Response Time

Rapidly respond to day-to-day, hour-to-hour, even minute-to-minute disruptions

Understand Decision Costs

Real-time view of operations and “what-if” scenario building