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AI for advanced planning and scheduling

Solver addresses disruption management challenges with instant availability checks, targeted disruption recovery, and configurable requests for optimized scheduling.

Disruptions are costly for aviation and logistics service providers, and other organizations facing workforce and fleet management challenges. With its unique disruption management capability, Solver reduces operational costs, uncovers previously hidden revenue, and improves the customer experience. Critically, Solver delivers actionable schedules in real-time, permitting quicker, easier and less expensive recovery from delays and disruptions.

With Solver, more easily scale, get real-time views of operations and uncover value with “what-if” scenario building. In short, Solver users free up to 30% of their resources and reduce operating costs by up to 25%, resulting in an increase in profitability of up to 20%.

Aviation, Logistics, Workforce Management and other complex industries

Solver’s AI optimized scheduling software is delivered through industry solutions for advanced planning and scheduling in aviation, logistics, workforce management and other complex services and industries. To provide real-time schedules, Solver instantly takes people, physical assets, current demand, resources, costs, constraints, and rules into full account. Our customers tell us it helps free up capacity for growth, reduces operating costs, and improves customer response times.

Transforming disruption management, availability checks and optimized scheduling

Programmed by expert Operations Research scientists and powered by AI, Solver’s optimized scheduling software considers the widest range of resources and constraints. This includes all operational resources – people and physical assets, be they internal or external. Unlike traditional scheduling, the Solver AI optimization platform recognizes constraints within current and future resource states. It transitions smoothly between them, as well as between constraints on resource availability, properties, business rules, and regulations.

Reliable schedules

Enhanced service

Reduced costs

Seamless scalability

Powerful analytics

Improved response time

Optimized scheduling software for aviation service providersOptimized scheduling software for aviation service providers

Aviation service providers face complex planning and scheduling challenges, even before conditions start changing by the minute. Disruption management is key for them, as even small delays are costly, impacting customer service, cash flow and ultimately, profitability.

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Solver helps aviation service providers meet the challenges with optimized scheduling software. Powered by operational AI, Solver delivers speedy and efficient responses while making optimal use of scarce resources. Factoring in various combinations of operational and validation rules, Solver responds instantly to disruptions. Unplanned maintenance, weather events, sudden airport limitations and last-minute customer requests and changes no longer throw the schedule into disarray.

Solver uses AI optimization to plan and schedule the utilization of personnel and tails throughout all aspects of your operational schedules.

Optimized scheduling software for logistics providersOptimized scheduling software for logistics providers

Logistics service providers continue to look for ways to meet competitive and workforce challenges. Some are finding schedule balancing and optimization are key tools in attracting and keeping drivers while maintaining customer service levels.

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Solver uses operational AI to consider all available trucks, drivers, depots and orders, their respective locations, and all relevant business and industry rules in real-time. Additionally, unplanned maintenance, weather events, cargo limitations, and last-minute customer changes get a speedy and efficient response. Solver makes optimal use of scarce resources, all the while maintaining customer service levels.

Solver optimizes the utilization of trucks during cargo operations, maintenance activities and anytime in between.

Workforce ManagementWorkforce Management

Workforce management, now more than ever, poses some complex scheduling challenges. For starters, it requires taking into consideration the available resources, contractual requirements, regulatory compliance as well as any legal constraints, geography, and how this may impact business and industry rules.

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Solver’s AI optimization software takes unplanned absences, weather events, logistical limitations, and last-minute customer changes all into account, and delivers a speedy and efficient response. It mitigates the actual scheduling problem in all its complexity by providing an optimized schedule which directly adheres to any and all industry and business rules. Solver also maintains a long-term view of the schedule for future booking requests.

Solver manages ad-hoc disruptions without having to recalculate the entire schedule, making optimal use of scarce resources, all the while maintaining customer service levels.