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Free up to 30% of resources, reduce operating costs by up to 25%, increase profitability up to 20%.

Optimized scheduling for aviation, logistics and other complex industries and services.

BoldIQ’s Solver is a powerful software solution that uniquely solves complex planning and scheduling problems using artificial intelligence and automation. Solver enables businesses to improve profitability by maximizing asset and resource utilization while improving customer and employee satisfaction. At BoldIQ we embrace the complexity of our customer’s business and understand the need for fast, optimized scheduling, instant availability checks and effective disruption recovery.

Optimized scheduling for aviation

Business Challenge

This large air charter with over 70 aircraft and 250 crew members runs a large, complex organization with thousands of active parts moving minute by minute. It needed scheduling optimization software that could quickly create schedules for aircraft and crew tailored to its business needs, while also maintaining compliance with regulatory and business rules, granular crew qualifications, and pilot schedule restrictions.


Solver optimized a seven-day schedule for the company to compare against its current scheduling. During the run, Solver was able to present a pick of different schedule options, each with modified rules, penalties, and costs, based on key priorities such as increasing revenue-bearing flights or conversely, reducing costs by limiting deadheads.


The power of Solver became clear as the company is able to balance key business strategies through real-time optimization of its schedules. Solver uncovered $90MM in annual untapped value through a 65% increase in revenue legs. If the key business priority becomes a reduction in costs, then over the same period Solver delivered a 33% reduction in deadhead minutes, for an annual savings of approximately $19MM. 

Optimized scheduling for logistics

Business Challenge

This leading North American logistics company looked to optimize its fleet to maximize order fulfillment and provide its drivers with more hours as a key element in its retention strategy.

Operating a dedicated fleet with 61 drivers, 12 of whom are overnight drivers, the company is committed to having them all at home at the end of a maximum 10 hour drive time. Moreover, there is a 24 hour maximum on order ageing in place.


Solver optimized a week-long schedule for the company to compare against current scheduling. During the run, Solver was able to present a pick of different schedule options, each with modified rules, penalties, and costs, based on the key priorities of increasing the number of orders fulfilled, complying with drive time stipulation and ensuring all drivers are home at the end of their shift.


With those two key goals in mind, BoldIQ’s Solver stood out by delivering a 10% improvement in order fulfillment (with a corresponding 71% decrease in rejected orders.)
Firstly, this means the company can now fulfill a significant number of orders that previously may have been dumped on the spot market.
As importantly, drivers are now seeing an increase in their drive time hours of nearly 19%, or more than an hour daily on average. With a driver shortage looming, the increased pay serves as a critical loyalty incentive.