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Real-time Scheduling for Aviation

Solver | Aviation

Real-time scheduling for aviation by Solver | Aviation, the advanced planning and scheduling optimization software for on-demand jet service operations. 

Solver | Aviation is the optimization and disruption management platform that enables real-time scheduling for aviation service providers. It collects data from a range of sources, including flight operations, airport operations, crew operations, customer service and environmental conditions, maintaining a real-time situational awareness of the entire fleet.

And as disruptions occur, Solver | Aviation automatically re-optimizes at super-human speeds, delivering real-time scheduling for aviation service providers.

AI-optimized real-time scheduling for aviation service providers delivers on several fronts and in multiple ways:

  • Future bookings – immediately confirm (or decline) the booking based on available resources and other constraints
  • Operational planning – scheduling the next day, or week, of flights, considering all available resources, rules, regulations and preferences and soft constraints like preferred crew matching or returning pilots home.
  • Disruption management – as disruptions occur, rapid recovery is critical to mitigate the negative impact on the carrier’s service and performance, both operational and financial

Finally, leaving it to our customers, who say it best:

Using the BoldIQ system will enable us to make integrated and informed decisions in real-time so that we can grow our business and provide our customers with world class service.

Bernhard Fragner, CEO, GlobeAir

BoldIQ offers remarkable scheduling technology that will further Jeppesen’s ability to provide industry leading information and planning solutions for our customers in business aviation.

Dr. Stefan Karisch, Director, Optimization and Value Strategy

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