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Real-time Scheduling for Workforce Management

Real-time scheduling for Workforce Management by Solver, the AI-powered advanced planning and scheduling software for an on-demand world.

Conducting business at today’s pace and scale involves advanced planning and scheduling. Now more than ever, workforces have ultra-complex scheduling requirements and managers are continuously trying to answer the question: “Where and when should I use my resources in order to make the most of their potential?”.

To address these issues with modern technology, Solver gathers three types of data elements: Resources, Workflows and Rules. In order to deliver a comprehensive and optimized schedule, rules include declarations and validations, as well as business and regulatory constraints. Together, these comprise a complete view of the “world” that the schedule is required to operate in.

Solver is programmed by expert Operations Research scientists and powered by AI to deliver real-time scheduling for today’s workforce management challenges. With all available resources and rules, Solver gets the most of your workforce in a world of ever more demanding customers and persistent pressure on margins.

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