Dynamic Real-Time Optimization Software

Actionable Plans and Schedules for the Optimal use of Resources (Assets and/or People)

Taking into Full Account your Current Demand, Resources, Costs, Constraints, and Rules,

So that you can make Informed and Integrated Decisions in Real-Time, All the Time


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Companies are expected to continuously provide more for (and with) less, all while maintaining (if not growing) profitability.

Our software generates optimal and actionable plans for resource utilization and disruption recovery, in complex business environments.

And it does it in real time, all the time.

Now you can drive significant increases in productivity, decreases in operating costs, and increases in your revenue generating capacity.


"I can confidently say that BoldIQ is a crucial element of our success and our ability to grow."
"The efficiency in our operations, the ability to manage through, and recover from disruptions, and the ongoing support BoldIQ provides, are all part of the enhanced value we bring our passengers."



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A Little About Us


The BoldIQ team is built on a strong foundation of technology and business services on a global scale. The leadership team has a wealth and range of experience working for and with small start-ups, multi-national Fortune 50 companies, and everything in between.
Specifically in the area of optimization, our team has lead the way in the early days of many revolutionary industries and services including video compression over the web (VDOnet), networking and virtualization (Citrix), and ‘air taxi’ operations (DayJet Corporation).