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Two of our customers – GlobeAir and JetSuite partner for a 2 continent solution

Austria-based executive air charter operator GlobeAir (Booth B051) is here announcing a partnership with U.S.-based JetSuite to offer each other’s “last mile” service to those customers who travel back and forth across the Atlantic. GlobeAir and JetSuite specialize in very light jet flights, with Cessna Citation Mustangs and Embraer Phenom 100s, respectively. GlobeAir has been bucking a downward trend in the air charter market, according toCEO Bernhard Fragner.

A new cabin interior, created by an automotive designer and featuring leather seats hand-crafted in Florence, Italy, has been created. It has already been fitted to 12 of GlobeAir’s 14 Mustangs. Downtime for installation is said to be only two days. The work was supervised in house, a lower-cost option when compared to the quotes obtained from refurbishment specialists, Fragner said.

EASA has just approved GlobeAir as a pilot-training provider for the Mustang. Another recent investment has been the addition of a second mobile repair team.

In the first quarter, GlobeAir saw a 17 percent increase in movements, which translated into a reported 10 percent sales growth. Fragner therefore hopes revenues to swell to €23 million in 2016. Last year, revenues stood at €18.6 million. “We have hit the bottom level of pricing,” Fragner added.

In future, Fragner sees a need for a second maintenance base. He also would like to grow the fleet to 20 aircraft, a threshold estimated to minimize deadhead legs. “From our 10th Mustang, we saw economies of scales kicking in,” he pointed out.