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Private Aviation Innovators BoldIQ and FL3XX Announce Strategic Partnership

Private Aviation Innovators BoldIQ and FL3XX Announce Strategic Partnership

Bellevue, WA – (July 26, 2021): BoldIQ and FL3XX are combining forces to deliver a uniquely responsive private aviation service.

Looking to drive further growth, FL3XX will integrate BoldIQ’s best-in-class optimization technology, Solver, to enhance and augment its planning and scheduling process. Solver, powered by AI and programmed by expert Operations Research scientists, will support this leader in Operations Management Systems.

“We are tremendously excited by this partnership with an industry leading company in FL3XX,” said Shelly Freeman, COO at BoldIQ, “Our team looks forward to supporting FL3XX’s growth with a solution that will increase network efficiency for BA operators, on-demand and in real-time.”

“At FL3XX we digitize, automate and optimize all aviation processes. The partnership with BoldIQ fully aligns with this vision” said Stefan Oberender, COO at FL3XX, ” We are very excited to work closely with the expert team at BoldIQ and offer this ultimate optimization technology to our users.”

About FL3XX

Founded in 2010, FL3XX is the leading web and app based aviation management platform for charter and scheduled airlines. The platform helps teams in sales, ops, management, rostering and maintenance to manage and optimize flights extremely fast, reliably, and in-sync.

Over 80 operators worldwide already rely on the feature-complete service and can seamlessly connect to over 100 integrated services and save thousands of work hours every month.
FL3XX operates out of its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

For more info, visit www.fl3xx.com

About BoldIQ

BoldIQ provides on-demand scheduling in real-time at a large scale for dynamic customers whose complex operations change daily. Built on a strong foundation of Operations Research science and operational AI, BoldIQ’s Solver is an advanced planning and scheduling platform delivering safe, quick and cost-effective technology for true on-demand scheduling for operations at scale.

BoldIQ’s optimized scheduling helps customers free up to 30% of their resources and reduce operating costs by up to 25%, increasing profitability of up to 20%.