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European based GlobeAir chooses DayJet Technologies for Operations Software and Optimization Services

DayJet Technologies, the revolutionary technology-based optimization company, today announced that its ASTRO system with fully integrated optimization engine – Solver – has been chosen by GlobeAir, a leading European private jet company, as its operating software platform and optimization service.

Since its establishment in 2007 GlobeAir has successfully expanded its operations in Europe reaching a market share of 40%. Operating across the constantly changing markets of Europe, GlobeAir needed a robust solution that would facilitate adapting operational plans on a regular basis as well as in real time. The combination of DayJet Technology’s ASTRO aviation operations platform and its proprietary real-time optimization engine – Solver – provided the perfect match to GlobeAir’s requirements.

“DayJet Technologies plays a key role in helping us achieve our vision of expanding our position as the market leader in the niche of customized business flights,” said Bernhard Fragner, Chief Executive Officer of GlobeAir. “Using the DayJet Technology ASTRO system will enable us to make integrated and informed decisions in real-time so that we can grow our business and provide our customers with world class service”.

“We are proud to have been chosen as GlobeAir’s partner for this key element of their growing business,” said Roei Ganzarski, President & COO of DayJet Technologies. “It is very satisfying to see how we are enabling a complex business to make informed, integrated, and intelligent decisions in real-time as their environment changes, so that they can better serve their own customers and themselves.”

GlobeAir Ag is a private jet company based in Austria. With almost 40 % of the market share it is Europe’s leader within the sector of very light jets. Currently, GlobeAir has the world’s largest fleet of modern Citation Mustang jets and is IS-BAO as well as Wayvern certified. GlobeAir AG jets can land at challenging airports such as St. Moritz, Lugano, St. Tropez, Bolzano, which are not accessible to traditional airlines and other business jets. GlobeAir AG has achieved its success through dedication and by offering the best service before, during and after the flight.