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Real-time scheduling for logistics providers

Solver | Logistics

Real-time scheduling for logistics by Solver, the AI-powered advanced planning and scheduling software for an on-demand world.

In today’s trucking industry, optimizing resources amounts to smart business. As such, real-time scheduling for logistics providers is a key to pushing more orders through the same or even fewer fleet resources. And as the usual day-to-day unfolds, unplanned maintenance, sudden cargo limitations, and even last-minute customer changes require a speedy response, all while considering traffic, weather, regulations, and of course, driver nights at home, in real-time.

Importantly, as a driver shortage threatens, Solver’s real-time scheduling for logistics helps manage the challenges of attracting and maintaining drivers. AI-optimized advanced planning and scheduling enables a good work-life balance for drivers. Of note is a recent study completed by BoldIQ, where Solver’s optimized schedule generated more miles per duty shift and increased order fulfillment by significant percentages.

Solver is programmed by expert Operations Research scientists and powered by AI. With all available trucks, drivers, depots and goods and their respective locations in view, Solver gets the most of your fleet in a world of ever more demanding customers and persistent pressure on margins.

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