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BoldIQ in The Middle East

Jeppesen pitches Operator for real-time control and accessibility to business aviation


Published in ArabianIndustry.com and AviationBusinessME.com

By: Shayan Shakeel

From aircraft scheduling to weight and balance, business jet operators have numerous concerns to address before, and after, a flight, and real-time access to information is becoming ever critical.

Enter Operator, a collaboration between Boeing’s Jeppesen and operations management software provider BoldIQ. Built for pilots and operations staff and available through the cloud, Operator integrates key business aviation functionality in a ‘one-stop shop’ self-service environment.

That means flight planning, runway performance, weight and balance, crew management, aircraft scheduling, domestic and international trip planning and reporting (financial, maintenance and customs), customer account management, real time pricing and cost accounting capabilities, can all be managed through one interface, over the cloud and on any device.

“The complexities and real-time dynamic nature of on-demand aviation operations are significant, much more than in other industries we’ve seen,” says Roei Ganzarski, president and CEO, BoldIQ. “So it’s the combination of sophisticated industry proven technologies and experience-based know-how that makes Jeppesen’s solution so powerful and applicable.”

Operator combines Jeppesen’s 40-years of experience in flight and international trip planning with BoldIQ’s over 10 years in aviation on-demand flight operations and optimisation experience, into a single, united user platform.

Jeppesen says the improvement in data sharing, resource utilisation and simplification of access and usability are all backed by proven technology. Operator seamlessly integrates scheduling, crew and fleet management, customer account management, real-time pricing and cost accounting, all driven by advanced optimisation capabilities, says Mike DiDonato, director, Industry Services, Jeppesen.

“Jeppesen Operator represents the culmination of years of meticulous research and proven in-production software, understanding customer driven requirements and design work performed to create the next generation business aviation tool,” says DiDonato. “Integrating multiple resources into a single platform, optimised by BoldIQ’s technology, allows improved collaboration, increased productivity and reduced errors, with total operational control. Plus, Jeppesen’s renowned global customer service team is available 24/7 to resolve any issues that customers may encounter.”

When using the Concierge service with Operator, customers can connect with Jeppesen’s International Trip Planning (ITP) global experts for assistance with traditional ITP tasks such as managing flight plans, permits, handling arrangements, customs issues or to establish a line of credit to eliminate operational financial concerns that could jeopardize a planned flight. Airport, FBO, and vendor data for Operator systems is generated by the Jeppesen Aviation Database, which Jeppen says is the most comprehensive in the industry.
Pulling together all of these essential business aviation elements also requires the need for ensuring compliance with regulatory and business policies and procedures. And Operator uses multiple rules engines, including those unique to a customer’s operations, to satisfy this need.

Operator ensures regulatory and business policy and procedure compliance using multiple rules engines, including those unique to a customer’s operation, to provide a custom trip check list. Automatically generated, it provides insight into the requirements for each trip and determines if additional resources are needed. This process enhances situational awareness and assures the trip will be released for flight.

Looking ahead, Operator will integrate with mobile apps in use by operators for navigation, electronic flight bag, and pilot operational interaction capabilities, integrating planning and operations systems in an end-to-end digital management solution.

The company also provides a mobile crew portal that will soon be integrated into Jeppesen charting and Boeing Electronic Flight Folder applications. This will create further operational efficiencies across common systems. Additionally, new features and functionality are in the works for Operator, including new disruption management capabilities developed with BoldIQ and a new app platform that will further drive business aviation efficiency.

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