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BoldIQ Featured in Juniper Research’s Annual Sharing Economy Report

Juniper Research published its annual sharing economy report, which included insights from BoldIQ CEO Roei Ganzarski, regarding the state of on-demand transportation.

The report’s market sector analysis for transport takes a look at today’s sector for demand-driven rides from popular services like Lyft and Uber and the viability of this industry including key takeaways on employee rights and job flexibility, safety and security, and environmental implications.

Throughout the analysis, Ganzarski shares his thoughts on the current on-demand transportation model questioning if it is truly ‘on-demand’ and who should be liable for any risks – the driver or the company. The report also features a case study on BoldIQ, showcasing the company background, customer success and market expertise.

Read the full “Market Sector Analysis: Transport” section of Juniper Research’s annual sharing economy report  to learn more about the industry.