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BoldIQ participated in WTIA’s Draft Day

On Saturday June 25th, BoldIQ president & CEO, Roei Ganzarski, together with VP Engineering & Development Christer Lundin participated in WTIA’s Draft Day. This was an event setup by the Washington Technology Industry Association aimed at matching up technology candidates with tech companies. The unique part of this program is the focus on women and minorities from underrepresented schools in the Washington region.


BoldIQ and the U.S Rangers

Today BoldIQ team members got to spend time with the United States Army’s best warriors – the U.S. Rangers.

We got unit capability briefings; a tour of the Ranger complex; a close look at the Rangers’ unique special operations equipment (very cool!); and a viewing of the Second Battalion Memorial honoring fallen Rangers

This was a truly unique opportunity and we thank the Rangers for it and for all that they do.