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UAV Comparative Analysis Completed Projects Significant Capital and Operating Cost Reductions, when Selecting the Silent Guardian

Bye Aerospace, Inc. and BoldIQ, Inc. concluded an extensive analysis that projects the long endurance Silent Guardian, a solar-electric hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), deployed with BoldIQ’s dynamic operations optimization software, offers twice the mission productivity (effective time on station versus total sortie flight hours) at less than half the operating costs.

The Silent Guardian UAV, in development by Bye Aerospace, is designed as a self-deployable high altitude long endurance (HALE) hybrid aircraft able to provide global range for persistent Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) to support commercial, defense and security requirements. With a broad range of military and civil applications, the solar-electric Silent Guardian answers the market need for enhanced mission capability at a significantly reduced fleet size, reduced operating budget, and reduced environmental impact.

BoldIQ’s dynamic operations optimization software is a proven solution that enables significant capital and operating cost reductions for customers. More missions using less assets and lower operating costs. BoldIQ’s software was selected by Bye Aerospace to complement the Silent Guardian, together providing customers with an unparalleled UAV solution.

The detailed analysis verifies the cost and mission efficiencies of Silent Guardian and three other comparable UAVs currently in service. More than 180 different hypothetical mission scenarios varying in range, length, and parallel operations, were evaluated across an area of seven million square miles. In order to neutralize the potential differences created by operations scheduling among the various UAVs, BoldIQ applied its operations optimization software to all four UAVs equally. With a highly efficient operating schedule for all UAVs, the results demonstrated that the Silent Guardian will perform the same number and mix of missions with 16% to 64% less aircraft, and significantly reduced operating costs, when compared to the other three leading UAVs.

“The results clearly highlight the significant cost and performance benefits made possible by the very long endurance Silent Guardian,” said Kerry Beresford, Bye Aerospace’s Senior Vice President – Government Programs. “It also draws attention to the enormous environmental benefits of applying hybrid technology in aerospace by significantly reducing fuel burn and harmful emissions.”

“The UAV operating environment is ever changing and is constantly being impacted by numerous factors both in planning and in real-time. Compounding this complexity is the harsh environment of shrinking budgets,” said Roei Ganzarski, President and CEO of BoldIQ. “Real-time dynamic optimization provides operators with the edge they need – the ability to increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing waste, and lowering capital costs. Combine that with the momentous operating improvements of the Silent Guardian and the solution is unmatched.”

George E. Bye, President and CEO of Bye Aerospace, said the projections confirm what Silent Guardian UAV will achieve. “I would like to give a special thanks to the team at BoldIQ,” he said. “Their report quantifies the Silent Guardian’s endurance and cost advantages. As we continue with the detailed design phase of Silent Guardian, we are verifying the substantial cost savings and significantly increased efficiencies to ISR missions.”

BoldIQ Promotes Roei Ganzarski to CEO

BoldIQ, Inc., a real-time dynamic operations optimization software company, today announced the appointment of Roei Ganzarski as Chief Executive Officer. The board of directors promoted Roei from the role of president and chief operating officer because of his leadership expertise. Roei’s predecessor, Eyal Levy who served as chairman and interim CEO, will continue his role as executive chairman of the company, and will continue to focus on strategic development and customer advocacy.

Roei has been with BoldIQ since 2012 serving as the president and chief operating officer responsible for the company’s growth and overall business.
“Roei is an experienced leader with a keen business sense,” said Eyal Levy, executive chairman, BoldIQ. “We are now well positioned to take BoldIQ into the next phase of evolution and growth under his leadership.”

Prior to joining BoldIQ, Roei spent 13 years with the Boeing family of companies. Most recently, he served as chief customer officer for Boeing’s Flight Services division where he was responsible for leading all customer and market facing activity worldwide. Roei is a graduate of Wharton’s Advanced Management Program. Along with a BA in Economics from the University of Haifa he earned an MBA from the University of Washington. Roei currently services as a member of the advisory board at Zealyst, the Washington Technology Industry Association board, and in 2013 was named chairman of the University of Washington Foster School of Business Global Business Advisory board.

“I am honored and excited about this new opportunity to help propel BoldIQ forward,” said Roei Ganzarski, CEO, BoldIQ. “In today’s dynamic and complex business environment, companies must be able to make intelligent operational decisions in real time to succeed and stay competitive. BoldIQ provides customers with that competitive edge in real-time and I am thrilled to be part of this team.”