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Case Studies

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JetSuite, a California-based private jet company, had set out to provide the freedom of private air travel to a wider audience. But as the small on-demand business grew, it encountered its own set of challenges surrounding logistics and inventory, such as last-minute customer requests and a limited number of planes. With BoldIQ, JetSuite has grown dramatically from a $7 million company to more than $50 million in gross sales in only three and a half years, doubling its topline revenue for four years straight.

A North-American trucking company was looking to overhaul its operations with multiple objectives, including reducing direct operating costs and reducing environmental impact. With BoldIQ, this was achieved by implementing a real-time operating plan that optimizes the use of resources and minimizes the required resources to meet demand.

A leading North American national brand needed to improve the performance of its field service workforce and assets. With over 7,000 technicians, hundreds of trucks, and myriad tools, parts and equipment, it was fielding millions of service calls annually. After implementing BoldIQ’s Okhama into its operations, the company realized a net savings of more than $150MM in the first year as it increased its service resource capacity utilization by as much as 50%.

A leading British home health care service had 500 personnel, including a mobile workforce of 250 National Health Service (NHS) Projects nurses out on field visits at any one time. The service was scheduling its workforce manually using lists and spreadsheets. After implementing BoldIQ’s Okhama, there were more than 30% in cost reductions. The new automated and optimized schedules addressed the range of complex and evolving demands from the patients, the NHS and the business.