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Real-time scheduling for operating rooms

Solver | Healthcare

Introducing Solver | Healthcare, the AI-optimized software solution for real-time, on-demand surgery scheduling.

Surgery is a major expense item in our health care system’s books. Skilled physicians, specially trained nurses, state-of-the-art surgical equipment and even the operating rooms themselves are premium assets that demand advanced, automated, AI-powered resource management. It only makes sense that visionary healthcare organizations are moving to real-time scheduling for operating rooms so these critical resources are fully utilized with a keen eye on improving patient outcomes every step of the way.

Programmed by expert Operations Research scientists and powered by AI, Solver | Healthcare adjust the scheduling automatically as events develop during the days leading up to any procedure. Throughout a day, as long-running operations, emergencies and other delays crop up, Solver’s AI-optimized scheduling navigates the complex resource realignment in real-time and on-demand, redeploying these costly resources. And while optimal utilization is a goal, Solver | Healthcare carefully safeguards critical scheduling events such as mandated personnel breaks, and ensures careful patient hand-offs and transitions.

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Within the $3.65 trillion healthcare system, surgery is one of the highest cost centers, accounting for as much as 30% of that total, around one trillion dollars.

Real-time scheduling for operating rooms

Why is Surgery So Expensive?

And what can we do about it?