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Erez Yarkoni

Chief Executive Officer

As the former EVP of Apptio, CIO of Telstra and SVP/CIO of T-Mobile, Erez brings an extensive background in software development, operations, business development and sales to BoldIQ. Erez holds a number of degrees, including Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Haifa and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

Alex Khmelnisky

Chief Scientist

As one of the original members of BoldIQ, Alex’s contribution as the Chief Scientist over the past 10+ years has been invaluable as we continue to evolve our core platform engine. Alex holds a PhD from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Eugene Taits

Vice President Product Engineering

Eugene is also one of the original members of BoldIQ. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge and an extensive background in Physics and Engineering, which have led to the successful development of our sophisticated software platform. Eugene holds a PhD in Physics from Belarusian State Technological University.

Shelly Freeman

Vice President and General Manager

Shelly has led a number of strategic, customer facing teams across Customer Success, Sales and Marketing. She holds an MBA from the University of Washington and a Business/Corporate Communications degree from Pacific Lutheran University.

Miki Yarkoni

Vice President of Product Management

Miki is drawing on an extensive background in product management, customer success and partner relations to envision the BoldIQ roadmap. He has 30+ years of successful experience in information technologies, from small startups to tech giants like Microsoft, Telstra, VMWare, EMC, and Amdocs.

Mika Tal

Chief of Staff

For the past five years, Mika has been a key player in the shaping of BoldIQ products and practices and is now keeping us all in line as our Chief of Staff.