Working @ BoldIQ

Our Team

The BoldIQ team is built on a strong foundation of global technology and services. We eliminate the box that others try to think outside of. We work with dynamic customers whose complex operations change on a daily basis. We enable “on-demand” on a large scale. From global, private aviation brands, to local delivery companies, and sophisticated mobile workforce organizations, we provide high-end, disruptive technology that enables true on-demand operations at scale.


"We have an incredibly well-rounded and diverse team that work well together in a fast-paced environment. We understand our customers and focus on partnering with them as we grow together. We know how to work hard and have fun together!!" Employee Review from GlassDoor

Our Culture

We enjoy being a small, action-oriented team. Customers are our focus, and adding value to them every day is our number one goal. At BoldIQ, every employee counts and is deeply involved in our entire operation. We act with full transparency, in all directions.

We still call ourselves a start-up because we continue to grow and expand into new markets and industries, and we like the cultural element that the start-up mentality fosters. We take risks, move rapidly, and yes, sometimes make mistakes – and correct them. It is all part of our journey.

We have fun at work – the kind of fun that naturally stems from the drive and passion of a top-notch team who collaborates on a daily basis to add significant value to customers. We enjoy our time together solving challenging customer problems (perhaps over a glass of wine on a Friday afternoon).

We invite the best and brightest to join our team and do everything we can collectively to make them feel at home.


BoldIQ supports a well balanced family and work schedule. Company promotes adapting to changes internally if desired or necessary without compromising one's professional growth." Employee Review from GlassDoor

Our Values

As part of the BoldIQ team, we continuously work to live up to our company core values:


Your Impact

At BoldIQ we provide revolutionary, dynamic real-time optimization software to our customers. Every day, our software answers a basic question for our customers – ‘what do I do now?’  

Through our technology, our customers can make informed and integrated decisions in real-time – all the time –  and free up to 30% of their resources while reducing their operating costs by up to 25%. Bottom line? We do cool work that provides great value to our customers. 

If you join us, you will help drive real-world operational change in aviation, transportation, logistics, healthcare and more. 

At BoldIQ you will not be working in a small silo figuring out part of a solution to part of a problem. Some days you may be working to enhance an existing solution, and other days you may be designing and developing a new solution for a new market. This is the real deal. This is a hands-on company and team members – despite title or role – work both independently and collaboratively in a team environment.

We are a customer-centric, delivery-focused team, and work each day to take our action-oriented optimization software to the next level of performance, delivery, and customer usefulness.


"Great environment and great experienced people to work with and learn from. You are allowed to learn/grow and do your best work. The company has a lot of great opportunities and has technologies that are years ahead of competition." Employee Review from GlassDoor

Our Office Space

For the most part, we work in an open floor plan. Employees all have the latest sit/stand automated desks (with memory). With sustainability in mind, made of either recycled wood or fast growth rubberwood, each desk is as unique as the person using it.

Dual monitor setups and high-end PCs round out our work tools.

Here at the office, you’ll kick off your week with Monday morning baked goods, enjoy Friday company lunches, and unwind with Friday afternoon wine and cheese. We also enjoy turning the occasional Friday afternoon into cultural experience, with employees bringing some of their 'home town' delicacies. We thrive on diversity and we celebrate it.

We also enjoy family gatherings. From a mini-golf outing to a year end celebration, employees’ families are a welcome part of our culture.


Our Community

STEM education is important to us. From hosting groups of students at our office, going to speak at classes, and participating in large STEM focused fundraisers for students as a team, we work to support the next generation of STEM leaders.

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Our Employee Benefits

When working with BoldIQ, you will enjoy several benefits beyond salary. These include:

We put family first and offer 12 weeks of paid maternity leave. We also have a comfortable privacy room in our office for nursing mothers.

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We are actively looking for:

QA Manager

Technical Program Manager

Optimization Scientist / Engineer