Dynamic Real-Time Optimization Engine - SOLVER


Thomas Edison once said: "There's a way to do it better - find it".math.png

At BoldIQ we listened and we found it. In fact we find it for our customers every day.

BoldIQ enables customers utilizing our technologies, to expect and realize more out of their resources, and to act quickly and efficiently when changes occur. Beyond ongoing optimized planning, the BoldIQ platform provides on-the-fly change management from an entire systems perspective.

One of the major challenges dynamic companies encounter in their business is creating and executing an efficient  and robust operating plan and schedule in an environment that changes frequently.

Creating a schedule that meets demand, satisfies all legal and physical constraints, and at the same time utilizes resources in the most efficient way (taking into account multiple objectives an operation might have such as financial, customer satisfaction, and more), is a difficult problem even if all of the resource and environmental properties are static. More over when both the resources and the demand on them are dynamic.

The corresponding mathematical problem is well known, considered to be extremely difficult to solve, and almost impossible to solve optimally, let alone in high speeds and rapid succession. Executing the plan is even more of a challenge since one has to deal with many different kinds of disruptive events (e.g. weather induced delays, asset failures, human behavior, etc.) and react accordingly in real time.

The complexities and difficulties in creating and executing a schedule lead to increased operating cost, lower customer satisfaction, and negatively impact the company’s business overall.