About BoldIQ

The Vision We Work Towards

A demand-driven world, uninhibited by constrained supply, timing, and disruptions; a world where everything is available when and where customers want it, and it is delivered in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. 

Our Mission

We provide organizations the technology to operate at greater capacity with maximum efficiency and minimal waste, in real-time, all the time, despite disruptions or complexity of operating environments.

Our Values

The BoldIQ team operates with simple core values that underline our professional and personal lives:

Today we create the future by striving to exceed in

  • Customer Partnership
  • Proactive Adaptation to Change
  • Continuous Innovation

All while maintaining the highest standards of dignity and integrity

Our History

We originally developed our robust optimization engine to support an innovative new air carrier: DayJet. We worked for about 5 years developing systems and algorithms to support the very complex world of air taxi - no fixed flight schedule; constantly changing customer requirements; variable working environment including changing weather; multiple resources required to deliver each service; and a multitude of legal and operating constraints.

This required complex and significant optimization solving a large combinatorial problem in seconds, multiple times a day. During development of the optimization engine we quickly realized that our solution were applicable to a broader range of problems in other complex dynamic operation.